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Send and Receive Text Messages with Attachments

Send and receive text messages with mutimedia attachments


Make text messaging part of your organization. Redtie has features that make your organization reap the benefits of messaging.


Send any type of attachment(s) over a text message and have zero impact on your customer’s data or phone storage.

Two-Way Messaging

Improve your engagement with clients, send and receive documents over a simple text message.

Dedicated Phone Number

Get a phone number with area code of your choice, we don't charge for it.

Auto Responder

Set automatic text & voice responses for your clients when you are unavailable.

Summary Alert

Let your team members be informed periodically on messages recieved.

Message Archiving

Archive your messages and retrieve those anytime.

Teams and Profiles

Add multiple business profiles and assign multiple team members to manage all your profiles.


We love working other SaaS products, stay connected with your Gmail and Slack contacts over Redtie.


Build a messaging suite with our seamless API and webhooks. Explore now.

Messaging features that delights every business

  • Text messaging with attachments -notes, docs, recorded audio and video
  • Two way messaging as on email
  • Save and Schedule messages
  • Archive messages and retrieve as needed
  • Auto Responders
  • API for developers
  • Integrations
  • Teams for multiple business profiles

A few use cases for you to relate and subscribe us

  • Customer Services
  • Shipment tracking
  • Order status - Confirmation/ Cancellation
  • Scheduling reminders / alerts
  • Billing / Collections
  • Reviews / Ratings
  • Promotions/ offers / Sales
  • Event Reminders / RSVPs
  • Payment transaction - notifications
  • Smart document sharing

The two way messaging app for every industry vertical

  • Retail / e-commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Banking / Finance
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Food & Beverage
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • HR / Recruitments
SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% of all emails.


Redtie comes with a companion mobile app for the receivers of your messages with images, documents, audio, and video.

The companion app is also available for them to discover your organization and subscribe to receive messages from you.

Go ahead and download it if you want to check it out.

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Where a cash reward comes with every message


Developers API.

Use our awesome APIs to create contacts, Send business messages via Text, Email, Chat and Voice. Build your multi & omnichannel messaging platform with Redtie API.


Redtie seamlessly connects with a wide variety of third-party apps. Integrate it with them and scale your business messaging for consistent growth.

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