Now Wineries can pick orders with text messages, Know how.

Mobile devices have taken over our shopping habits. Around 48% of all Google searches are done on mobile devices and the mobile retail commerce sales are expected to take nearly 54% of overall ecommerce sales by 2021, businesses should take a serious note about this and think about how they can leverage the advantage of mobile usage for betterment of overall sales.

Wineries pick orders with text messages

What is the first thing you’ll check between an email or an SMS text? If you are like most people, you will open a text message first before opening  your email. The text message is quick to read, and can likely be responded to in a few seconds. Today, be it start-ups, medium-sized businesses or large enterprises, business SMS services play a vital role in leveraging a brand and creating an impactful sales and marketing strategy.

A business can stand out by creating a better customer experience that is swift and effortless. These days more consumers are shifting to mobile for their buying needs, simply because it’s convenient and fast.

Text Message Ordering is one such trend now that many businesses have used to their advantage. Although text messaging is not a new technology, it is for businesses.

Let’s see how text message ordering could work for Wineries.

For the customer, the mechanics of the wine purchase becomes seamless. When they want to buy a 3-pack of Zinfandel, for example, they simply send a text message to an exclusive number used for order taking, which will be processed by the staff of the winery. The wine company can call back or respond with a message for further information and deliver it to the customer.

This just eases the buying process, yes?

Here are few options for wine companies to integrate texting to attract new customers.

Quick Information sharing:

Wine producers can also utilize text-for-information campaigns to convey information quickly and efficiently to customers. Want to offer customers a quick link to your wine offerings? Have them text something like WINELIST to 41415, and they’ll automatically get a link to your online catalog. Or add a text-for-info call to action on your wine labels so people can receive an automated text reply with a link to tasting notes or a coupon.

Subscription Lists:

Wine producers can keep loyal fans informed of new wine release dates, winery events, recently won awards, pre-order information for new vintages, limited time discounts, holiday promotions, general news, and more.

Customers simply need to text a unique keyword like “NAPAWINES” to 41415, and they can sign up for regular informational texts. Whether you’re an established winery in Napa, or a smaller producer, cultivating a dedicated group of loyal customers is key to word-of-mouth sales and building a reputation in your particular wine region.

Send text reminders:

Sometimes customers need to be reminded that it’s time to come in for their next visit. Send personalized text messages that remind customers it’s time to come back in. You can even provide a link so they can book their appointment directly from their phone.

Provide an SMS loyalty program to guarantee a return visit:

Make sure all of your customers make a return visit by providing them with an SMS loyalty program. Give customers periodic text offers and deals to make them feel like they’ve been a valued customer for years.

These are just a few ways that Wine producers and sellers can utilize SMS to enhance their business. For more suggestions on how you can use SMS for your wine business, or to set up a campaign, reach out at +1 484-874-5535, or email us at